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PBA 105

Our mission is to ensure that all Veterans and Service Members continue to be taken care of within our Union. Whether at home, in our prisons, on deployments, or just training, we are here to make sure you receive proper benefits and support.

Chair: Derick Delima,CRAF

Co-Chair: Ian Colon, CRAF

Member: Bengie Luyando, NSP, Northern Region

Member: Tomy Mora, CRAF, Central Region

Member: Donald Pearson, GSCF, Southern Region

NJS PBA Legal Protection Plan

10 FEB 2011

The New Jersey State P.B.A Legal Protection plan was founded in 2002.The plan is a self funded member benefit that provides legal protection to active members of the New Jersey State P.B.A. in good standing. The plan is available to all active members at the cost of $156.00 per year. The plan provides coverage for administrative, criminal, civil, matters along with target of criminal, and bail bond coverage in certain situations as are described in the plan document. Our plan has approximately 150 Law firms and approximately 500 attorneys to choose from.

Legal Corner Alterman & Associates, L.L.C.

Alterman & Associates, L.L.C.

8 S. Maple Ave.

Marlton, NJ 08053

Phone: (856) 334-5737

Fax: (856) 334-5731




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